The College Music Society National Conference
Red Shift Choir
October 11, 2018
Vancouver, B.C.
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Red Shift has been honored with an invitation to present a featured performance for the 2018 College Music Society National Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia on October 11-13. The performance, entitled “Beyond Earth’s Boundaries: Kile Smith’s The Consolation of Apollo and the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 8 Moon Mission,” will further our mission of resonant choral storytelling for new international audiences! In addition to the conference performance, Red Shift will present a concert tour for audiences throughout Vancouver. Donations support artist travel, lodging, and conference registration.

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About Red Shift
Dedicated to resonant, innovative storytelling, Red Shift is a professional choir of exceptional artists that offers audiences new perspectives of sound and meaning in our shared world. Founded in 2015, the choir is comprised of singers from Baton Rouge and throughout the nation who are dedicated to creative performances of virtuosic post-modern repertoire and forgotten choral works of the past.

Red Shift strives to foster an appreciation and advocacy in its audiences of choral art music that transcends the expected and celebrates a diversity of time periods, styles, languages, spiritual traditions, and cultures. Initiatives to achieve these educational aims include research, commissioning and publication of new music, community presentations, exhibitions, and interaction and engagement with audiences.